Could Artificial Grass Solve Some of Your Yard Problems?


Do you want a green lawn year round?
Are your pets causing problems with your yard?
Does Your Yard Have Shady Areas Where it Is Difficult to Grow Grass? 

If so, artificial grass may be your perfect solution.  

It may seem odd for a landscaping company to be encouraging customers to install artificial grass.  But, we believe the most successful landscapes are created when the right plants and materials are placed in the right places.  Sometimes, certain landscape conditions bring conditions that are not ideal for planting live plants or grass.  

Turf grass is a “green” solution - both in looks and environmentally.   Not only does it cut down on maintenance, but turf grass offers other benefits that a typical lawn does not.

Some great uses of turf grass:

  • Shady areas where grass is difficult to grow.

  • Pet friendly yards. If your pet is constantly tearing up your yard or bringing their dirty paws inside your house, artificial turf can be an excellent option.

  • Commercial business areas wanting a nice green look all year round

  • Hot, dry areas that need constant watering in the heat of the summer

  • High traffic areas from kids, pets, vehicles.

  • Swimming pool areas to avoid the mess of grass.

  • Putting greens that can customized with chipping areas

Vista Landscaping has installed artificial turf for many customers.  Contact us today to discuss  whether or not turf grass may be an good option for your landscaping needs (504) 292-9022.